DRI Asbestos Medicine Seminar

November 14-15, 2019
Boston, Massachusetts
DRI – The Voice of the Defense Bar will host their 2019 Asbestos Medicine Seminar on November 14-15, in Boston, Massachusetts. The 2019 DRI Asbestos Medicine Seminar will bring together experts in the science and medicine of asbestos and top-flight litigators, along with updates on recent U.S. Supreme Court and state court rulings that affect our ever-changing litigation, the latest on genetics in causation, and insights into cross-examination and deposition taking.

Fionna S. Mowat, Ph.D., center director & principal scientist at Exponent, will present, “Household Asbestos Exposures: When Are They Associated with an Increased Risk of Developing Mesothelioma?”, on Thursday, November 14, at 2:30 PM.

Gabor Mezei, M.D., Ph.D., senior managing scientist at Exponent, and Ryan C. Lewis, Ph.D., CIH, managing scientist at Exponent, will be in attendance.

Exponent is a proud sponsor of the 2019 DRI Asbestos Medicine Seminar.

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