DRI Product Liability Conference

February 5-7, 2020
New Orleans, Louisiana
DRI presents Product Liability, a conference focused on the development and use of virtual reality, improving your PowerPoint presentations, and sessions from specialized litigation groups, on February 5-7, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Wednesday, February 5

Amy Courtney, Ph.D., manager at Exponent, will present, “Leveraging Biomechanical Analysis to Assess Concussion Risk”.

David M. Cades, Ph.D., principal scientist at Exponent, will present, “Using Technology in the Courtroom to Establish Injury Causation at Trial: Using Virtual Reality and 3D Modeling to Portray Various Accidents Related to Vehicles”.

Joseph B. Sala, Ph.D., CVP, principal scientist, and practice director at Exponent, will present, “Misunderstood Memory: How Science Can Improve Fact Witness Examinations”.

Thursday, February 6

Chimba Mkandawire, Ph.D., P.E., CAISS, principal at Exponent, will present, “You Need to Move It to Move It: A Biomechanical Case Study About a Farmer Who Didn’t”.

Exponent is a proud sponsor of DRI Product Liability Conference.

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