WEI Operations Conference

Western Energy Institute (WEI)
April 19-22, 2021

The Western Energy Institute (WEI) will host their Operations Conference virtually on April 19–22, 2021. The WEI Operations Conference brings together over 600 electric and natural gas energy operations senior leaders, managers, supervisors, and front-line employees for three days of education and networking, with technical tracks and breakout discussions for specific operations as well as thought-provoking general sessions with industry leaders and keynote speakers.

Lamis El Didi, Exponent principal, Karolina Athanasopoulou, P.E., PMP, Exponent manager, and Richard E. Brown, Ph.D., P.E., Exponent principal engineer, will present “Portfolio + Program Management: Successfully Herding Cats” on Wednesday, April 21, at 2:45 PM PT. As part of the Grid Hardening section of the Electric Operations Tracks, our speakers will present on how to develop a hardening strategy, select hardening tactics, and design a system hardening plan that has a high likelihood of receiving favorable cost recovery treatment by regulators. The speakers will discuss the benefits of taking a programmatic and structured approach to manage multiple parallel efforts in a coordinated way.

Morgan Griffith, P.E., Exponent senior managing engineer, will present “Asset Management is Easy – When You Know Your Risks” on Thursday, April 22, at 2:15 PM PT. As part of the Asset Management section of the Dual Tracks, this presentation will discuss how the challenge to deliver safe, affordable, and reliable power while updating aging infrastructure, reacting to extreme weather events and public policy and regulatory directives, meeting evolving customer expectations, and embracing disruptive technologies requires navigating a complex, multi-faceted web of uncertainty. Prioritizing asset management investments, both capital and operating, by identifying, defining, and quantifying the risks and justifying investment decisions is becoming more and more complex. Subjective expertise of managers, engineers and field staff that formed the basis for prioritization of asset management investments is no longer sufficient. But is there a better way? Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from utilities that are using data and new definitions of risk to inform their decisions and completely shuffle the prioritization list with confidence and with the support of engineers and field staff. Additionally, attendees will learn how utilities are moving away from time-based OPEX and CAPEX replacements and toward targeted expenditures that produce quantifiable risk reductions and budget efficiencies.

Exponent is a proud sponsor of the WEI Operations Conference.

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