FDLA Winter Meeting

Florida Defense Lawyers Association
January 20–22, 2022
Breckenridge, Colorado

The Florida Defense Lawyers Association (FDLA) will host their 2022 Winter Meeting in Breckenridge, Colorado, January 20–22. FDLA serves attorneys whose practice is dedicated primarily to the defense of civil matters and fosters professional growth through publications, continuing legal education programs, and networking. 

2022 Winter Meeting topics include assessing life care plans: faulty or fireproof; focusing on tort reform in 2022; issues with Florida’s insurance statute, section 627.4137; hot topics in litigation with a billing and coding expert; low-speed vehicle accidents: investigations, tools, testing methods, and analyses; “sex” means more post-Bostock: a primer on expanded Title VII protections for LGBTQIA+ employees; the surfside collapse: unleashing a wave of new claims; and issues regarding voir dire: what did they just ask?

During a pre-recorded session, Exponent’s Ian C. Campbell, Ph.D., P.E., managing engineer, and Marc A. Paradiso, M.S., P.E., managing engineer, will present “Car Crashes in the New Year: Reconstruction and Injury Analysis Techniques for Modern Vehicles.” As technology advances, more and more passenger and commercial vehicles are equipped with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), some of which also aid in mitigating or avoiding collisions. This presentation will discuss the various approaches to collision mitigation, what the various systems are and are not capable of, and some of the data collected to aid accident reconstructionists. The speakers will also address pertinent issues in assessing failure-to-equip cases; how a reconstructionist with an understanding of the limitations of collision mitigation systems (CMS) can assist in these matters; and how this type of data can inform an injury analysis in the event of an injury claim.

Exponent is a proud sponsor of the FDLA 2022 Winter Meeting.

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