Brewers Forum & 38th EBC Congress 2022

The Brewers of Europe
May 29–June 1, 2022
Madrid, Spain

The Brewers of Europe will host their Brewers Forum & 38th European Brewery Convention (EBC) Congress in Madrid, Spain, May 29–June 1, 2022. The Brewers Forum & 38th EBC Congress offers deep insights and engaging discussions on current and upcoming business developments, marketing trends, and technical and brewing innovations. Attendees will have access to scientific presentations and exhibition booths on the latest products, research, and innovation in the brewing sector as well as networking opportunities.

Rhodri Evans, Ph.D., Exponent senior managing scientist, will present “Beer, Spirits and Wine: Regulatory Challenges and Opportunities” during the session “Beer Brewed with Spirits and Wine, How Does It Work?” Monday, May 30, at 10:30 AM CEST. More and more brewers are teaming up with wine and/or spirits producers to brew beer in which spirits or wine is added. They see this as an effort to promote the local terroir through beer, offer a new experience to consumers, and further enshrine their beers in the mind of consumers. But how does it work? What should you do to produce an outstanding beer in which wine or spirits have been added? How can you market these products knowing wine and spirits are heavily regulated? The panel of speakers will share their experience in brewing such demanding products and his expertise in terms of the regulatory framework.

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