BDRP 62nd Annual Meeting

Society for Birth Defects Research & Prevention
June 25–29, 2022
Vancouver, Canada

The Society for Birth Defects Research & Prevention (BDRP) will host their 62nd Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada, June 25–29, 2022. Highlighting the theme “From Bench to Bedside and Back Again,” the meeting will cover the application of basic epidemiological and clinical research and other new technologies in the understanding and prevention of birth defects and postnatal/functional effects.

John M. DeSesso, Ph.D., DABFM, DABFE, FACFEI, DABCHS, Fellow ATS, Exponent principal scientist, will chair the “The Key Characteristics Approach for Hazard Identification: Alternative Perspectives Symposium” on Monday, June 27, at 2:35 PM PT. There is currently great interest in enhanced strategies and best practices for assessing both new and existing chemicals for a variety of effects, including carcinogenicity, genotoxicity, teratogenicity, developmental toxicity, reproductive toxicity, and endocrine disruption. The Key Characteristics approach, which promises to identify chemicals that cause various types of toxicity according to certain key characteristics, has been recently recommended and is now being applied. This session will endeavor to explain various alternative perspectives regarding mechanistic foundations, utility, validation status, and replicability of the Key Characteristics approach, beginning with the arena in which it was first developed and applied—carcinogenicity—and extending to areas most relevant to BDRP, including statistical issues inherent to measuring various biological effects, endocrine disruption, and genotoxicity and gene expression.

Michael R. Garry, Ph.D., Exponent managing toxicologist, and Amy Lavin Williams, Ph.D., DABT, Exponent managing scientist, will also attend.

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