Foam Expo North America 2022

Foam Expo
June 28–30, 2022
Novi, Michigan

Foam Expo North America 2022 will take place June 28–30 in Novi, Michigan. This 5th annual expo will provide a forum to share ideas and discuss and develop solutions and services for the industry.

On Wednesday, June 29, at 10:55 AM ET, Sven H. Behrens, Ph.D., Exponent managing scientist, will moderate a session titled “Strategizing Cost Effective and Non-Disruptive Circular Economy to Align Your Products with Global Environment Initiatives.” This session will present case studies from businesses who have already made successful steps towards achieving a circular economy. Key points covered include ensuring the viability of circular economy initiatives for North American organizations, exploring how the circular economy aligns within carbon neutrality targets, and taking inspiration from international organizations on how best to approach the challenge of implementation.

Dr. Behrens will also be presenting “Capillary Foams: Opportunities for New Specialty Foams” on Wednesday, June 29, at 3:45 PM ET. Capillary foams start out as aqueous froths that can be converted into solid polymer foams. In his presentation, Dr. Behrens will discuss how capillary foams represent a platform technology compatible with many different materials and how their unique architecture affords unprecedented opportunities for customization and tuning.

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