Academic Credentials
  • B.Sc., Pharmacology, University of Liverpool, UK, 1999

Ms. Gray is a Managing Scientist in the Biocides Team in the UK. She holds a B.Sc Honours in Pharmacology from the University of Liverpool.

Ms. Gray has over 22 years regulatory experience obtained from working as a senior regulatory scientist in the Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD) of the Health & Safety Executive. She spent her initial 10 years as a project manager, preparing technical reports and dossiers for non-agricultural pesticide products and actives under national legislation. She also worked on the CRD Information Help Desk, providing regulatory advice & support on a wide range of regulatory matters to stakeholders.

As UK joined Europe, Ms. Gray became heavily involved in setting up UK regulatory processes & procedures for the transition from COPR to BPD. For the latter 12 years of her career in HSE, Ms. Gray specialized in biocides non-dietary human exposure, where she was the technical lead, representing the UK in ECHA Working Groups presenting & defending the UK position on exposure assessments for both active substance dossiers and product assessment reports. Ms Gray represented the UK on the Ad hoc Working Group on Human Exposure (HEAdhoc), where she contributed to technical discussions helping develop new recommendations for human exposure assessment and providing support to the Biocidal Products Committee and its Working Groups. She also contributed to the Biocides Human Health Exposure Methodology document.

Ms. Gray has lead a number of commercial stakeholder biocide training events and has presented at industry seminars such as HSE's 'Biocidal Product Families' & 'Biocides For Beginners' as well as British Occupational Hygiene Society events.