Academic Credentials
  • Ph.D., Human Performance, University of Southern Mississippi, 2001
  • M.S., Exercise Science, University of Southern Mississippi, 1998
  • B.S., Zoology, Western Illinois University, 1996
Professional Affiliations
  • Health Fitness and Wellness Technology Standards Committee (R11), Consumer Technology Association, April 2015 – Present
  • Board member (founding member), Health Division, Consumer Electronics Association, April 2014 – 2022

Dr. Eschbach's areas of expertise include physiological monitoring and consumer technology centered around health, fitness and wellness.  

He has more than two decades of experience working in human performance via physiological assessment and monitoring, development of biometric wearable devices as well as data collection and analysis to build and validate health, fitness and wellness technology and related uses cases in real-world settings.  He has extensive experience developing innovative technology related to health outcomes, sensor outputs and algorithm development.  His work has been instrumental in the development of wearable and hearable products, evaluation of human performance, standardization relative to wearable technologies and implementation of physiological and biomechanical metrics into technology and user experiences.  

For the last 9 years Dr. Eschbach has worked as Chair or Vice-chair of the Consumer Technology Associations Health and Wellness Standards Committee where he has helped to develop standards for wearable technology and digital health.  

Prior to joining Exponent, Dr. Eschbach was Director of the Biometrics Laboratory at Valencell Inc., where he managed research teams that created and executed experimental designs, data collection/analysis, and communication for relating biometrics, measured by technology, to physical performance, fitness, and health.  During this time, he had considerable involvement with business to business as well as business to consumer relationships from early concept through prototyping and manufacturing of hearable and wearable devices.  These devices and use cases brought product and services to market for physiological and biomechanical metrics and monitoring.  

Additionally, Dr. Eschbach was Chair for the Department of Nutrition and Health and Human Performance as well as Director of The Human Performance Laboratory at Meredith College where he developed curriculum, implemented strategic planning initiatives as well as grew a well-known laboratory offering performance analysis for fitness and health.    

Dr. Eschbach has experience with validation and verification of human metrics, under real-world conditions, related to technology, physiological metrics related to fitness, wellness and health such as heart rate, heart rate variability, stress, caloric expenditure, blood glucose monitoring, blood pressure, core temperature, carbohydrate and fat utilization, activity recognition, moderate to vigorous activities of daily living, cardiovascular fitness (VO2max), training zones (lactate thresholds) as well as experience with endurance sports, team sports, strength training, swimming and activities of daily living.  

His background in physiology, fitness and wellness monitoring, consumer electronics, health fitness and wellness standardization, and experience with consumer technology centered around heath fitness and wellness ideally positions him as a leader in the industry.