Academic Credentials
  • Ph.D., Developmental and Brain Sciences, University of Massachusetts, Boston, 2021
  • B.A., University of California, Irvine, 2015
Professional Honors
  • NIH T32 Training Grant (Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute)
  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Course on Vision: A Platform for Linking Circuits, Behavior and Perception

Dr. Freschl has extensive expertise in human vision perception and cognition in individuals with and without neurodevelopmental disorders. Dr. Freschl's research background critically relies on her expertise in psychophysical, eye-tracking, and neuroimaging techniques as well as clinical assessments to understand the relationship between visual perception, cognitive processes, and human behavior. As a human factors scientist, her work seeks to understand how perception and cognition impacts how one interprets and interacts with various products and their environment.

Prior to joining Exponent, Dr. Freschl received her PhD in Developmental and Brain Sciences, with an emphasis in Cognitive Neuroscience from the University of Massachusetts Boston and was a post-doctoral fellow at the Smith-Kettlewell Eye Research Institute. Specifically, her doctoral dissertation focused on the development of visual temporal perception and the role of neural oscillations — understanding how dynamic, visual input is organized across time into meaningful scenes and events in young children and adults with and without autism spectrum disorder. During her time as a post-doc at Smith-Kettlewell, Dr. Freschl continued to investigate visual perception — understanding how individuals with eye disorders, such as amblyopia, perceive their visual environment by utilizing eye-tracking to measure pupillary dynamics and gaze patterns.