Academic Credentials
  • Ph.D., Biochemistry, University of Liverpool, UK, 1991
  • B.Sc., Biochemistry, Surrey University, 1987

Dr. Jarvis has an international reputation as a pesticide and biocide environmental fate expert and has over 25 years of experience working with research, regulatory, and consultancy organizations. He has a proven track record in developing regulatory solutions to environmental issues. 

This includes both theoretical argumentation/justification and also experimental strategies for addressing major regulatory issues. Typical issues to overcome include compound leaching, metabolite exposure and mitigation of aquatic risk.

Dr. Jarvis is able to implement these strategies on behalf of clients, monitor any studies required, and provide revised/refined risk assessments to demonstrate regulatory acceptability. Dr. Jarvis has written many expert papers on various aspects of environmental risk assessment for client submission during the latter stages of the EU regulatory process (Regulation 1107/2009) and often represents clients in dealings with European regulatory Authorities. As an experienced environmental fate simulation modeler, he assists clients in foreseeing potential regulatory issues related to environmental exposures. He also undertakes standard (e.g., FOCUS groundwater and surface water scenario modeling, EUSES, ESDs) and higher tier exposure modeling (using PRZM, PELMO, MACRO, PEARL, GeoPEARL, TOXSWA, EXAMS, etc.), and provides exposure and risk assessments as part of the regulatory requirements for environmental risk assessment of pesticides, biocides, and other chemicals.