Academic Credentials
  • Ph.D., Psychology, University of Minnesota, 2022
  • M.A., Social Sciences, University of Chicago, 2015
  • B.A., Psychology, Clemson University, 2014
Academic Appointments
  • Lecturer, Psychology, University of Minnesota, 2016-2022
  • Lecturer, Statistics, University of Minnesota, 2020-2022
Professional Affiliations
  • Vision Science Society (VSS)
  • Mandarin

Dr. Liu is an expert in the field of cognitive psychology, with an emphasis on visual attention, visual search, perceptual learning and how humans integrate sensory information to inform and guide actions. He received his doctoral degree in experimental psychology with a supporting minor in statistics from the University of Minnesota. Specifically, Dr. Liu's doctoral work involved utilizing various behavioral, neural imaging and other methodologies to understand the capabilities and limitations of human vision. Dr. Liu utilizes his extensive research experience in human perception to address and offer optimal solutions to a variety of issues in human factors, including but not limited to vehicle and pedestrian safety, personal injury, and safe product interactions including the assessment of warning and instructions.

Prior to joining Exponent, Dr. Liu's research focused on addressing and understanding the limitations and imperfections of human vision including visual perception under low-light conditions, the role of attention allocation in different cognitive tasks, and in general how our perceptual system extracts useful information from a noisy environment. Additionally, Dr. Liu has extensive experience in display color calibration and evaluating display quality using various optical measurements, collecting and analyzing human behavioral and neural imaging data, building and training deep learning artificial neural networks, and other quantitative/data analytic skills.