Rachel Domingo
Rachel Domingo
Construction Consulting
New York

Ms. Domingo has over 5 years of construction claims and project management experience, specializing in Primavera CPM scheduling and delay analyses. She has advised clients on a range of topics including project controls, project scheduling, delay damages, change order negotiations, and the development or defense of construction claims. She has worked for multiple clients of varying complexity and size in preparing and reviewing baselines, updates, and recovery/acceleration schedules and analyzing construction claims related to schedule delays.

Prior to joining Exponent, Ms. Domingo worked as a consultant for Hill International, where she was assigned to the New York City School Construction Authority Change Order Unit responsible for evaluating contractor time extension requests. Additionally, she was a consultant for Greyhawk North America, focusing on CPM scheduling, field management, and the preparation and defense of construction claims. In addition to her work experience, Ms. Domingo was a teacher's assistant at both New York University and Columbia University, where she taught CPM scheduling.


  • B.S., Construction Management, Polytechnic Institute of New York University, 2010


AACE Planning and Scheduling Professional, #01924

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Construction Management Association of America (member)

Project Experience

Project Claims Experience

Evaluated over two years of delays associated with the construction of a multibillion-dollar Liquified Natural Gas plant located in a remote territory of Australia. The delay analysis involved integrating and summarizing multiple subcontractor’s project schedules and determining as-built critical path delays to determine responsibility.

Analyzed approximately $110 Million in delay and disruption claims, submitted by a contractor constructing an 87-mile offshore pipeline, associated subsea structures and pigging platforms. The evaluation included a critical path delay analysis and reviewing the merit of the contractor’s claimed costs.

Supported a British energy and commodity trading company in an arbitration against a mechanical subcontractor. Evaluated 6 months of delay and alleged damages totaling $16 million. Performed a CPM schedule analysis to quantify the delays and allocate responsibility based on theresults of the schedule analysis and review of contemporaneous project records.

Analyzed a contractor’s $100+ million delay claim associated with the development of a deep ocean offshore oil field off the coasts of Africa. The work included a schedule delay analysis related to an undersea pipeline and developing a counter claim related to the contractor’s excess costs, in which a labor inefficiency analysis was performed to produce a counterclaim totaling over $40 million.

Engaged by a public utility company to review claims related to the design and construction of a combined heat and power facility at a wastewater treatment plant. Performed a Time Impact Analysis (TIA) to evaluate both the design delays and construction delays.

Supported a multinational networking and telecommunications company in a developing a claim against their subcontractor during the upgrade of wireless communication systems in a historic commuter rail terminal that completed over 3 years late and $50 million over budget.

Supported a window manufacturer during their defense against a claim for $17.3 million in performance and delay damages during the construction of two 35-story residential buildings. Performed a Time Impact Analysis (TIA) to investigate concurrent delays. Categorized and analyzed the alleged performance damages to determine if applicable according to the contract.

Assisted a mechanical contractor in their defense against a condominium association’s $14.7 million claim for repairs resulting from a failing sub-slab sanitary piping system. Analyzed the scope of recommended repairs and validated the costs and quantities to determine the repair estimate was overstated by more than 500%.

Assisted an excavation contractor in their defense against a utility company’s $1 million claim for repairs resulting from damage sustained to a duct bank during a sewer force main replacement. Analyzed the scope of recommended repairs and validated the costs and quantities to determine the repair estimate was overstated by more than a factor of 15.

Evaluated change order responsibility and consequential delay impacts within a $50M contractor claim against a $150M NYC DEP facilities building.

Engaged by a developer's attorney to provide delay analyses to defend a $44M claim for a 25-story, five- star luxury hotel. Evaluated several years of project records and schedules to indicate the responsible parties and illustrate the escalation of issues that resulted in a 24 month delay.

Assigned to the NYC School Construction Authority to monitor CPM schedules for 75+ projects in the borough of Queens for potential delay. Assisted the Change Order Unit in evaluating time extension requests by reviewing impact schedules and delegating delay responsibility through time impact analyses.

Member of an engagement team supporting a real-estate developer's $30M delay claim against its Construction Manager involved with the construction of a 48-story luxury hotel and residence in Midtown Manhattan. Analyzed CPM schedules, payment requisitions and daily reports to quantify the project delays for presentation to a Dispute Resolution Board.

Provided support for an architect's defense against a contractor's $3M delay claim related to an $80M high school renovation project. Analyzed over $4.1M in change orders and apportioned resulting schedule delays.

Schedule/Field Experience

Provided CPM schedule services and corresponding litigation support for an excavation and paving contractor performing highway upgrades and re-construction, including widening and replacement of existing roadways, construction of retaining walls and a new “flyover” connection structure.

Developed a bid schedule for a 37-megawatt solar photovoltaic facility at the US Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory. The schedule accounted for the intricate sequencing of 164,000 ground mounted solar panels, spanning 200 acres. Challenges included delivery logistics and maintaining a single schedule with three concurrent but independent areas of work.

Engaged by a developer to perform field inspections of a $45M six-story luxury home, evaluate the impacts of multiple issues that arose during the design and construction, and provide a plan to recover. Reconstructed a baseline schedule for in-progress and remaining work and continued monthly status inspections to maintain the schedule.

Developed a bid schedule for the MTA's $2.1B, No. 7 Subway Line extension. The project involved enlarging existing caverns and integrating track and electrical work with the existing No. 7 Subway Line at Times Square Station. Due to the electrical detail and complexity, the electrical work was separated into eight packages, all of which had to be scheduled as independent contracts, while maintaining an overall relationship to the current system at Times Square.

Updated P6 cost and resource loaded schedules for a LEED silver, 500-bed dormitory. Scheduling obstacles included maintaining multiple calendars due to traffic and noise restrictions, efficiently utilizing a single access road and maintain traffic/pedestrian safety on an active campus.

Enlisted by a public entity to develop a recovery schedule for a 157,000 square foot county jail addition project that was significantly delayed and in danger in danger of completing late. Work included performing an on-site progress assessment and constructing a detailed CPM schedule.

Created a baseline schedule for a multi-prime garage rehabilitation project. Implemented a look-ahead schedule controls procedure unique to each contract and conducted weekly site visits to assess accurate progress for schedule updates.

Provided project controls for the renovation and capital improvement program for a major performing arts venue. Maintained daily reports, manpower logs and submittals. Monitored work against a sensitive schedule of theater performances and events.

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  • B.S., Construction Management, Polytechnic Institute of New York University, 2010


AACE Planning and Scheduling Professional, #01924