Jennifer Duncan
Jennifer Duncan
Managing Scientist
Chemical Regulation & Food Safety
Harrogate (UK)

Ms. Duncan has extensive background experience in both practical and regulatory ecotoxicology. She is responsible for evaluating ecotoxicological data and conducting environmental risk assessments for pesticides, biocides, and chemicals, according to EU legislation.

Prior to joining Exponent, she worked at the Pesticide Safety Directorate (PSD), the UK regulatory authority for pesticides, for 3 years. Her role there involved writing Draft Assessment Reports (DARs) for the approval of pesticides under EU Directive 91/414/EEC, plus commenting on DARs written by other Member States and the conclusions drawn by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). It also involved conducting assessments of applications for re-registration of a number of products under the current Plant Protection Products Regulation (PPPR). This has gained her much experience in conducting refined risk assessments, including resolving many complex issues not resolved prior to Annex I inclusion of an active substance.

In addition, to her regulatory experience, Ms. Duncan has three years experience of working in Aquatic Ecotoxicology for a leading Contract Research Organisation. Here she gained experience of conducting, reporting and interpreting, standard aquatic laboratory studies, as well as higher-tier laboratory and mesocosm studies. She also has experience of researching and developing new aquatic test methods and approaches to monitoring studies in the field.


  • B.Sc., Zoology, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, 2001, 2:1 Hons


Duncan J, Hinchcliffe A, Palmquist K. Lot 5: Evidence of potential long term effects in (aquatic and terrestrial) invertebrates after short term pulsed exposure. Exponent report prepared for European Food Safety Authority, August 2009.

Brown K, Tomlinson J, Duncan J, Hinchcliffe A, Palmquist K. Lot 4 : Critical comparison of available and potential higher tier testing approaches for the risk assessment of plant protection products, considering at least field and semi-field experimental designs, extrapolation from dose-response relationships, and increased dosages (aquatic and terrestrial). Exponent report prepared for European Food Safety Authority, August 2009.

Selected Presentations

Duncan J. EU regulatory evaluation. Lecture on ecotoxicological risk assessment. Presented at the University of Surrey, as part of a modular training programme in applied toxicology, July 2010.

Duncan J, et al. Assessing the impact of an herbicide on the ecological function of a rice field. Poster presented at SETAC Europe 15th Annual Meeting, Lille, 2005.

Duncan J, et al. Predictive value of testing with additional species. Poster presented at SETAC Europe 15th Annual Meeting, Lille, 2005.

Prior Experience

Higher Scientific Officer, Ecotoxicology, Pesticides Safety Directorate, York, UK, 2005–2008

Study Scientist, Aquatic Ecotoxicology, Contract Research Organisation, Eye, Suffolk, UK, 2002–2005

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