James Frake

James Frake, Ph.D., CPhys, MSaRS

Managing Scientist
Materials & Corrosion Engineering
London (UK)
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Dr. Frake is an experienced engineering physicist who has provided multidisciplinary technical consulting services to clients in systems-level engineering, research & development, testing, failure analysis and safety / reliability of products. He works across all stages of the product lifecycle to encourage a holistic approach in the product development process for product innovation, safety, and reliability. Dr. Frake has worked extensively in the fields of medical devices, batteries, and sensing / metrology and is experienced in failure investigations and standards / regulatory compliance for products and manufacturing.

Dr. Frake has helped his clients throughout the product and technology development lifecycle, including early-stage innovation and concept generation, concept assessment, market research, technology landscaping, proof of principle testing, mathematical modelling, algorithms, data analysis, and prototype development. He has worked across many industries, including medical devices, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, mining, electric vehicles, consumer devices, industrial and the food & drink industry. His specific engineering experience includes developing novel sensors and detection systems, designing and building measurement and metrology devices, temperature control and cryogenic systems, wireless power, and general electromagnetics.

Dr. Frake’s PhD was in the electrical measurement of quantum semiconductor devices at high frequencies, for applications in quantum computation, novel electronic density of states measurements, charge pumping, and primary thermometry. During his PhD, he developed skills in semiconductor fabrication, semiconductor device analysis and testing, optical and e-beam lithography, SEM and AFM techniques, precision electrical measurements and RF electronics. To engage with his research, Dr. Frake also became experienced with cryogenic systems including Helium 3 and dilution refrigerators, superconducting magnets, and high vacuum systems. Before joining Exponent, Dr. Frake worked as a consultant at Sagentia Ltd., a science, technology and product development consultancy in Cambridge, UK.


  • Ph.D., Physics, University of Cambridge, England, 2014
  • MPhys, Physics, University of Leeds, UK, 2008, Honours, 1st Class
  • Bragg Scholar


Nature Scientific Reports 5, Article number: 10858 (2015) – “Radio-frequency capacitance spectroscopy of metallic nanoparticles”, J. Frake et al.

Applied Physics Letters 100, 143104 (2012) – “Quantized Charge Pumping Through a Carbon Nanotube Double Quantum Dot”, S. J. Chorley, J. Frake, C. G. Smith, G. A. C. Jones, and M. R. Buitelaar.

Physical Review Letters 108, 036802 (2012) – “Measuring the Complex Admittance of a Carbon Nanotube Double Quantum Dot”, S. J. Chorley, J. Wabnig, Z. V. Penfold-Fitch, K. D. Petersson, J. Frake, C. G. Smith, and M. R. Buitelaar


US 20190290496: Sensor enabled wound monitoring and therapy apparatus, 2017 – Pending

US 20220160051: Aerosol-generating device and system with residue detector, 2019 – Pending

EP4018161: A sensing array, system and method for ore processing equipment, 2020 – Pending

US 20220125110: Aerosol-generating device having capacitance-based power control, 2019 - Pending

Prior Experience

Consultant – Sagentia Ltd, 2013-2019

Professional Affiliations

Instutue of Phyiscs – Member and Chartered Physicist (MPhys, CPhys)

Safety and Reliability Society – Member (MSaRS)

BSI standards committee member for batteries, electric vehicles, energy storage devices and medical device committees.

CEN standards technical working group member for electric vehicle batteries.

Project Experience

Some examples of work areas Dr Frake has been involved in are:

  • Assisting companies with compliance with medical device regulations in Europe, including the IVDR / MDR regulatory framework. This support has ranged from high level strategy and regulatory planning to remediation support and detailed engineering assessment / inspections of devices to check for compliance.

  • Battery failure analysis, design reviews and safety assessments for consumer, vehicular and industrial products.

  • Conducting manufacturing and production audits for due diligence, regulatory compliance and engineering support in multiple sectors including batteries, medical devices and automotive sectors.

  • Safety assessments, risk and crisis management for clients with regards to electric vehicles, toys, food packaging and batteries.

  • Building customized sensors and measurement equipment in many industries, including medical devices, consumer devices, food and beverage, and industrial processing.

  • Developing measurement systems and algorithms for condition and usage monitoring in applications such as medical drug delivery systems, patient compliance monitoring, air conditioning systems, industrial pumping equipment and power tools.

  • Research and development of dermal biosensors and bio-impedance devices for medical and consumer applications.

  • Research and development of electro-spraying, electro-spinning, and novel fluid atomisation technologies for consumer devices, medical devices and industrial manufacturing processes.

  • Modeling and testing electric power cables for remote fault detection systems.

  • Research and development of wireless power systems for application in medical, industrial and consumer sectors.

  • Technology scouting and evaluation exercises in many fields, including medical devices, position sensors, and downhole sensing technologies for the oil and gas industry.

  • Freedom to operate and patent landscaping studies, technology assessments and due diligence of startup companies for venture capital investments.

  • Development of novel air / liquid cooling systems and gas dissolution technologies and systems.


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