Claude Francescott, MBA, P.E.

Senior Manager
Construction Consulting
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Mr. Francescott advises construction clients on a range of topics, including risk management, project governance, project controls, change management, project scheduling, contract review and assessments, process improvement, change order negotiations, dispute avoidance, and the development or defense of construction claims. His experience with construction disputes includes the development, analysis, and defense of construction claims related to cost, delays, and inefficiencies. He has analyzed owner, contractor, and designer performance and allocated responsibility for project impacts on a wide variety of projects. He has developed cost analysis methodologies and prepared and analyzed budgets, direct and indirect costs incurred, change orders, and estimated costs to complete. He has conducted schedule analysis. Mr. Francescott has participated in the successful negotiation of disputes and has testified on construction cost issues at arbitration.

Mr. Francescott has provided risk analysis services to large construction owners and contractors, including contract risk assessments, probabilistic scheduling, Monte Carlo simulations, and schedule and cost assessments. He has provided project management oversight and construction management services, conducted construction audits, and developed project status reviews.

Mr. Francescott’s construction project experience includes offshore and onshore oil and gas facilities, terminal and pipeline projects, mining, power (nuclear, coal, hydro) plants, casino, and federal projects. Mr. Francescott’s clients have included corporate entities, governmental and public agencies, contractors, subcontractors, architectural and engineering firms, and attorneys. 

Prior to joining Exponent, Mr. Francescott worked in the Capital Project Consulting practice for Deloitte Transactions and Business Analytics, LLP. Additionally, Mr. Francescott worked for a global EPC contractor and was involved in a variety of oil, gas, power, and infrastructure projects and also served in various corporate and business unit roles. Mr. Francescott also worked for a manufacturer and a global chemical company.


  • M.B.A., Augusta University
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, Clarkson University


Licensed Professional Civil Engineer, Texas, #51786

Certified Public Accountant, Texas, #052817

Project Experience

Heavy Industry

LNG Facility: Prepared cost analysis and quantum related to damages for delay associated with multi-billion dollar LNG facility. Assessed cost billed to owner by JV consortium, multiple prime contractors and major subcontractors.

Steel Processing Facility: Assessed business interruption claim associated with damages and delay during a construction upgrade. Quantum considerations included costs associated with raw materials, finished goods, sales and logistics and production and operational inefficiencies for multiple impacted facilities caused by the delay.

Gas Pipeline: Assessed and quantified contractor claims associated with an ICC Arbitration related to contract termination for a gas pipeline in Uzbekistan. Costs assessed included amounts due for services performed through date of termination and termination related costs.

Power Plant: Prepared cost assessment, analysis, and expert report refuting claims totaling $34M related to a 790 MW coal-fired power plant. Testified as an expert at arbitration.

LNG Facility: Prepared analysis of contractor claims for settlement negotiations on $1B LNG terminal facility related to force majeure event.

LNG Facility: Conducted project claims analysis on behalf of owner for contractor settlement discussions on $1B LNG terminal facility.

Chemical Plant: Prepared analysis of the costs of a $485M chemical plant expansion. The analysis related to owner allegations of inadequate contractor performance leading to additional cost and delay.

Steel Plant: Led team of professionals evaluating multiple contractor(s) claims on behalf of owner in settlement discussions for grass roots steel plant in Brazil with a forecasted cost of Euro 5B.

Copper Mine: Evaluated claims and counter claims on behalf of owner and subcontractor related to subcontractor scope of work on a $200M road project for a copper mine expansion in Brazil.

Hydroelectric Plant: Led engagement team to evaluate a small (30MW) Hydroelectric facility in Mexico, including costs paid to date, contracted scope of remaining work, issues encountered during construction, current and remaining capital contributions, and remaining cash flow and ongoing project risk.

Hydroelectric Plant: Led engagement team in evaluation of a portfolio of small hydro-electric projects with a total estimated power equivalent to 377.5 MW. Analyzed requests for additional funding associated with the cost increases for two specific projects; performed a cost incurred analysis to determine compliance to the shareholder agreement; evaluated contractor job cost and accounting records, evaluated contract, subcontract and vendor payment, change orders and general conditions, and supported client through arbitration in Brazil.

Refinery: Assisted engagement team working on behalf of owner to analyze allegations by contractor of breach of contract and delay claims associated with major refinery expansion in Dubai. Assisted in preparation for mediation (London). 

Oil Field Program: Led review of change orders for a major oil field development in Indonesia. Examined approximately 350 approved change orders for contract entitlement and quantum over a three-week period. 

Refinery, Petrochemical and Fertilizer: Performed cost incurred, earned value, schedule and cost to complete analysis on five ongoing projects (two refineries, two petrochemical complexes and a fertilizer plant) in order to assist in the market valuation of the facilities. Total cost EAC in excess of $60B. 

Oil Field Facilities: Led review of cost incurred for a major oil field development in Indonesia. Examined two subprojects for cost incurred to date, approved and pending change orders, and estimated costs to complete. Provided recommendations to owner regarding improvements related to contract administration and internal contractor controls. 

Refinery: Conducted construction close out audit for $10B Gulf Coast refinery.

Semi-Submersible Rig: Conducted construction audit of $760M dynamically positioned semi-submersible rig being fabricated in Singapore.

Product Terminal and Pipeline: Conducted several construction project audits for a major terminal and product pipeline company.

Pipeline: Conducted cost assessment for the owner of a $450M pipeline expansion project.

Pipeline: Led team conducting agreed upon audit procedures associated with year-end, work-in-process accounts for a major pipeline company.

Copper Mine: Conducted project audit of 125ktpd copper mill expansion project with an estimated cost of $1.7B. Conducted follow-up audit assessing implementation of management’s responses to findings.

Copper Mine: Conducted multiple project audits of 240ktpd copper mill expansion project located in Peru with an estimated total cost of $4.6B. 

Power Plant: Conducted project audit of power plant project involving two 350MW units in Morocco with an estimated cost of $1.1B.

Copper Mine: Led project audit team evaluating $800M copper mine expansion project in the DRC.

Copper Mine: Conducted construction audit for $560M copper mine expansion project in Chile.

Copper Mine: Conducted construction audit for $2.0B copper mine expansion project in the US.

Copper Mine: Conducted construction audit for $4.6B copper mine expansion project in Peru.

LNG Facility: Developed key performance indicators and project reporting requirements for a large offshore LNG project in Australia.

LNG Facility: Evaluated a proposed $1B LNG terminal facility in preparation for planned development and permitting applications in China.

LNG Facility: Performed an evaluation of Invitation to Tender (ITT) documents for a $15B LNG expansion project in Indonesia for consistency, completeness and potential conflicts and ambiguities, in conformance with industry leading practices.

Iron Ore Port and Rail Terminal: Conducted risk management review of $11B iron ore port, terminal, and rail project in Australia.

LNG Facility: Developed key performance indicators and project reporting requirements for a large coal seam LNG project in Australia.

Petrochemical Plant: Led team assisting client with evaluating project delivery systems and compensation frameworks, EPC Contractor selection, productivity and escalation analysis and development of KPIs for a $1.4B petrochemical facility in the US Gulf Coast.

Offshore Drilling Contractor: Reviewed project management procedures and organizational structure for offshore drilling contractor new build program.

Pipeline: Conducted a process and procedures analysis of the capital project management program for a major pipeline company and risk assessment for a planned $3B pipeline expansion project in the U.S.

Product Terminal and Pipeline: Conducted a corporate governance and risk assessment evaluation of the capital project program and construction audits for a major terminal and product pipeline company.

Offshore Gas Gathering: Performed an evaluation of draft contract documents for modifications to a gas gathering facility offshore Africa.

Power Plant: Assisted with establishing project reporting templates and developing procedures for project forecasting, estimates to complete, and percentage of completion accounting (ASC605-35) for financial closing and year-end reporting. 

Gold Mine: Led governance and operational readiness review of $500M Gold Mining Project in South Africa.

Power Plant: Developed contract summary and ASC 605-35 percentage of completion accounting analysis for $500M turbine generator overhaul and power uprate (from 1872MW to 2172MW) project.

Nuclear Power: Prepared contract and consortium summary and analysis for $10B nuclear power project. Developed accounting analysis, including revenue and profit recognition. Assisted client with year-end audit queries and potential disclosures.

Nuclear Facility: As a division engineer on a nuclear facility, planned, scheduled, and completed work and client acceptance activities for major construction projects, small capital projects, and maintenance work orders.

Petrochemical: Served as a division engineer responsible for planning, scheduling, and completing work and client acceptance on several major petrochemical and synthetic fiber construction projects, small capital projects, and maintenance work orders.


Water Treatment Plant: Conducted construction audit on behalf of owner for an $80M Water Treatment plant project in Peru.

Office Building: Prepared analysis, recommendations, and report to owner to resolve a dispute of approximately $2M between its general contractor and lower tier subcontractor regarding major roof renovation work totaling $6M. Matter involved an assessment of the costs billed under the contract, analysis of disputed costs, and customary industry practice for the work.

Lab, Office, Utility: Prepared proof of cost and supporting methodology for $25M claim related to construction of a radiological lab, office, and utility building project submitted to the U.S. Civilian Board of Contract Appeals.

Lab, Office, Utility: Developed quantum associated with the request for equitable adjustments for several subcontractors associated with the arbitration of a $50M dispute arising from the construction of a $125M federal facility.


Manufacturer: Served as manager of engineering, installation, and contracts for a high density polyethylene manufacturer providing products and services for environmental abatement and pollution control.


Casino: Analyzed contractor costs for owner of a $50M casino project which was substantially delayed; analysis resulted in the identification of excessive contractor billing errors and non-compliance with contract terms.


Engineering Contractor: Assisted with business analysis and reorganization of public EPC contractor providing engineering and instrumentation services with annual sales of $300M.

Turbine Services: Assisted with business analysis and reorganization of private EPC contractor and turbine services provider with annual sales of $1B.

EPC Contractor: Led business transformation strategy review for large global EPC contractor to evaluate company’s business and identify significant margin impact opportunities.

EPC Contractor: Led a team in conceiving, developing, and implementing local tax planning strategies, resulting in significant profit impact for a major contractor in Brazil.

Disaster Recovery/Hurricane Response: Led team assisting State of Louisiana in preparing for the closeout process, including developing the strategic plan, training materials, closeout reporting, and applicant technical advisory services associated with hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Federal Contracting: Served as the project finance and accounting executive and director for a $2B U.S. government contingency operations contract involving 16,000 employees in 11 countries in the Balkans and Mediterranean regions.

Federal Contracting: Led a shared services team in developing and implementing accounting, financial, and operating controls and directed activities during startup on an $850M U.S. government contingency operations contract.

Federal Contracting: Led the finance and accounting recovery team on a $575M U.S. government contingency operations contract, restructured the monthly closing process and accounts payable procedures, which improved project cash flow by $250M.

EPC Contractor Management Roles

Served in various management capacities, including director of contracts, senior manager-marketing and proposals and director of shared services. 

Served as the manager of internal audit for an engineering and construction subsidiary of a major oil services organization. 

Served as director of operations for an international joint venture startup company involved in engineering and construction of oil and gas projects in Algeria.

Served as a director of numerous affiliated companies in Europe and Latin America and was responsible for their registration and statutory compliance requirements.

Directed the shared services activities for a major product service line involving U.S. government contracts and was responsible for profit and loss, balance sheet management, financial reporting, business forecasts, budgets, and compliance activities.

Served as the project finance and accounting executive and director for an affiliated company on a $2.7B floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) project in Brazil.

Led a team in resolving a $280M force majeure contract tax dispute with a major international client in Brazil.

Implemented a Sarbanes Oxley compliant internal control framework for an affiliate of a major engineering and construction subsidiary.


  • M.B.A., Augusta University
  • B.S., Civil Engineering, Clarkson University


Licensed Professional Civil Engineer, Texas, #51786

Certified Public Accountant, Texas, #052817