Todd Frank

Todd A. Frank, P.E.

Senior Managing Engineer
Vehicle Engineering
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Mr. Frank's expertise is in accident reconstruction, rollover analysis, computer simulation, photogrammetry, and 3D laser scanning. He has experience in these areas with a variety of vehicles that includes motorcycles, passenger cars and trucks, heavy trucks, and off-highway recreational vehicles. Mr. Frank is an experienced motorcycle operator with specialized expertise in motorcycle accident reconstruction and handling dynamics. Mr. Frank is proficient in utilizing computer applications to conduct accident reconstructions and present results using 3-D visualization technics. He has extensive experience conducting single-moving and two-moving full-scale crash tests as well as vehicle handling tests. He has tested heavy trucks, passenger cars, motorcycles, and bicycles.

Mr. Frank has experience with designing custom fixtures for specific test configurations, test instrumentation, and the analysis of data collected during various test types.

Prior to joining Exponent, Mr. Frank had 10 years of experience in litigation animation working as a Project Engineer for Demonstratives, Inc./Engineering Animation, Inc. in Ames, Iowa. His responsibilities included performing accident reconstruction using photos, drawings, maps, USGS Data, and various other types of data and working on cases of patent infringement.


  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University, 1995


Licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer, Arizona, #51098

Licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer, Texas, #124374


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Garman CMR, Sharpe SS, Frank TA, Fowler TA. Motorcycle Rider Kinematics during Low and High Speed Turning Maneuvers. SAE Technical Paper 2018-01-0536, 2018.

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Frank TA, Babic D, Williams P. Condition of the motorcycle steering head assembly after crash testing. SAE Technical Paper Series, 2012-01-0619.

Smith JW, Frank TA, Bosch KE, Fowler GF, Carter JW. Full-scale moving motorcycle into moving car crash testing for use in safety design and accident reconstruction. SAE Technical Paper Series, 2012-01-0103.

Frank TA, Smith JW, Hansen DC, Werner SM. Motorcycle rider trajectory in pitch-over brake applications and impacts. SAE Technical Paper Series, 2008-01-0164, Presented at SAE World Congress and Exhibition, Detroit, MI, April 2008.

Professional Affiliations

Society of Automotive Engineers (member)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (member)

Southwestern Association of Technical Accident Investigators, Inc. (SATAI) (member)

Project Experience

Designed a sled test fixture and testing protocol for a motorcycle that was used to study occupant trajectory during braking and braking-into–impact scenarios.

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