Harry Gregory

Harry H. Gregory, III

Senior Manager
Construction Consulting
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Mr. Gregory has extensive experience in various positions throughout his career managing the construction of nuclear power plants, evaluating the prudence of construction projects, and providing consulting services to the electric utility industry as well as others. He has been involved in nuclear power plant construction, operations, and active in other areas since 1971, with much of his career associated with Georgia Power Company (Southern Company.) Mr. Gregory was responsible for developing prudence testimony for the Vogtle Unit 1 & 2 rate hearings and then was tasked as the chief construction witness for those hearings. While serving as General Manager, External Audit Response at Georgia Power, Mr. Gregory was responsible for managing international relationships with the Philippines, Nigeria, and Nepal which included providing consulting services for the construction and operation of power plants and transmission systems. He was also responsible for managing and coordinating responses to outside agencies such as the Georgia Public Service Commission and the Federal Energy Regulation Commission.

Since joining Exponent, Mr. Gregory has been involved in several major projects. This includes evaluating the capacity to perform fabrication work at the Hebron Off-shore oil platform in Newfoundland, and evaluating the schedule and budget performance and the project performance as to the standard of care for several major projects including the Oak Ridge Highly Enriched Uranium Storage Facility and Cook Nuclear Plant’s Forced Outage due to Turbine failure. He has also provided testimony in several asbestos exposure cases as to the appropriateness of the construction practices at the projects involved. 

Earlier in his career, Mr. Gregory held positions at Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant Construction as Construction Project Manager and General Manager, as well as General Manager of Vogtle Prudence Response. He was initially responsible for the management of all field construction activities for the largest construction project in the history of the State of Georgia. Later, when all construction personnel were consolidated at the site, the additional duties of General Manger for that Department were added. The project peaked with approximately 800 Georgia Power Company personnel and nearly 14,000 total people on site. Upon completion of the project, Mr. Gregory was tasked with the responsibility to develop the project’s testimony, and act as the chief construction witness before the Georgia Public Service Commission during prudence hearings to determine rate recovery for the plant. The entire rate recovery process for Vogtle Units 1 & 2 lasted approximately five years. 


  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), 1970

Prior Experience

President, HLCM Consulting Group, Inc., 2002–2010

Georgia Power Company (Southern Company), 1971–2002

  • General Manager, External Audit Response, 1988–2002 
  • Construction Project Manager; General Manager, Vogtle Nuclear Construction Department; and General Manager, Vogtle Prudence Response, Vogtle Nuclear Power Plant Construction, 1979–1988

Junior Engineer progressing to Construction Project Manager, Hatch Nuclear Power Plant Construction, 1971–1979

Professional Affiliations

National Society of Professional Engineers


  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), 1970