Wolfgang Hahn
Wolfgang Hahn
Senior Manager
Vehicle Engineering

Mr. Hahn successfully completed his college education as an automobile engineer in 1977 with his thesis about design guidelines for progressive buckling of front end crash structures. This was his introduction to vehicle safety, which has taken the biggest part of his professional career. He worked in the areas of crash structure development, safety component development (seats, headrests, safety belts, steering systems, roof and door strength, interior/exterior safety), deployable devices, child protection, and pedestrian protection.

The position as Group Leader for safety related type approvals and certifications started his involvement as a safety expert in the global regulatory process and the interaction with insurance associations and consumer assessment groups (NCAP). Mr. Hahn continued his work as a technical expert at international safety working groups parallel to his growing responsibilities at GM Engineering. He represented GM/GME in a number of collaborative projects on collision research, crash compatibility and pedestrian protection. He was member, task force leader and chairman of European and German industry safety working groups. Mr. Hahn represented these organizations at IHRA (International Harmonized Research Agenda) and EEVC (European Enhanced Vehicle-Safety Committee) working groups.

While at GM, Mr. Hahn was in-charge of the safety development of Opel/Vauxhall, Cadillac, Buick, Chevrolet, Saturn and Saab vehicle models for Europe, North America and China. During his most recent GM assignment in Shanghai, his responsibilities included vehicle architecture, mass, fuel economy, drive quality, aerodynamics and safety, which involved his complete technical background as an automobile engineer.


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Prior Experience

Director, Vehicle Safety, Architecture and Performance Integration, Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC, JV of GM & SAIC) Shanghai, China 2008-2012

Director Vehicle Safety Development GM Europe, Engineering Manager Opel Safety Development, Germany/Sweden 2001-2008

Group Manager Vehicle Safety Component Development, International Certifications and Type Approvals, Safety Development Engineer, Opel, Germany1992-2001

Project Manager, Vehicle Test, Ruecker GmbH, Germany, 1990-1992

Lab Manager NVH, Fuel Economy and Emissions, Test Engineer Vehicle Durability, Development Engineer Vehicle Safety, Sachsenring Automobilwerke, Germany 1977-1990

Professional Affiliations

Technical expert for China Safety Regulations, Fuel Economy Regulations and China NCAP, Beijing/TianJing China, 2009 – 2012

Chairman of Working Group Passenger Car Safety, member of Task Forces Occupant Protection, Pedestrian Protection, NCAP, Accidentology, European Vehicle Manufacturer Association ACEA, Brussels, Belgium, 2000 – 2008

Chairman of Working Group Pedestrian Protection, German Automobile Manufacturer’s Association VDA, Germany, 2001 – 2007

Industry advisor at EEVC WG 17 (European Enhanced Vehicle-Safety Committee), Brussels, Belgium, 2004 – 2007

Project Experience

Mr. Hahn has 35 years of experience in motor vehicle safety, vehicle performance integration, and vehicle architecture. He also has experience in the following:

Vehicle architecture; vehicle concepts, crash typology, packaging.

Vehicle safety; crashworthiness, occupant protection, child protection, pedestrian protection.

Development of safety components; belt systems, inflatable restraints and sensing systems, seats and whiplash protection, child restraints, steering and fuel systems, pedestrian protection.

Collision investigation; collision causation, typology, collision/injury risk assessment, evaluation of active and passive safety technology benefits, product investigations and field performance assessments.

Vehicle certification/type approvals and consumer assessments worldwide.

Test technologies; full scale crash and crash simulation, static safety tests, NVH, fuel economy, fatigue.


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