Matthew Heminover

Matthew Heminover

Construction Consulting
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Mr. Heminover has over 19 years of experience in the construction industry. He has extensive experience working on large, complex heavy civil transit projects, ranging from $50M to over $1.2B. His expertise in cost, schedule, and contractor management as well as value engineering has played an integral role in the success of these projects.

Mr. Heminover’s foundation in cost management, coupled with his well-rounded background in the construction industry, has provided him with sound judgment in estimating, productivity tracking, and cost trending and forecasting. In addition, Mr. Heminover’s expertise in project management has resulted in a reduction in forecasted cost fluctuations as well as advanced identification and mitigation of risks.

Project teams have relied heavily on Mr. Heminover’s scheduling experience on large linear construction projects. He has successfully coordinated multi-disciplinary activities within tight corridors adjacent to active train traffic and restricted environmental areas to meet strict, critical project milestones.

Mr. Heminover has also aided in efforts to reduce project costs via value engineering. His collaboration with owners, designers, local jurisdictions, and project team members has resulted in tens of millions of dollars in project savings.


  • B.Sc., Construction Engineering Technology, University of Nebraska, Omaha, 2006

Prior Experience

Deputy Construction Engineering Manager, Herzog Contracting Corp.

Area Engineer, Herzog Contracting Corp.

Field Engineer, Herzog Contracting Corp.

Cost Engineer, Herzog Contracting Corp.

Project Experience

Transportation – Mr. Heminover has worked on a number of large-scale heavy civil transit projects, ranging from $50M to $1.2B. These projects were complex in nature as their scopes included utilities, retaining walls, passenger stations, bridges, roadways, landscaping, track, and systems infrastructure. Much of the work was within tight corridors adjacent to live train traffic and near restricted environmental areas. Not only was Mr. Heminover actively involved in managing the construction of these projects, but he was also involved in the development and refinement of the project’s cost, schedule, and document control processes.

Utilities – From coordinating third-party utility relocations to managing installation of large-diameter sewer, water, and storm drain systems, Mr. Heminover aided in the management of nearly $40M worth of utility work. His schedule management and stakeholder coordination skills fostered collaboration between different project disciplines allowing construction to progress more efficiently without disconnect between project team members.

Passenger Stations – Mr. Heminover was involved in the development stage of a passenger station design. He worked closely with the owner, designer, and subcontractors to develop a cost-effective design that not only reduced the construction cost of the stations but also limited future maintenance costs as well.

Structures – As a structures field engineer, Mr. Heminover was responsible for managing the construction of over 100,000 square feet of retaining walls, the replacement of nine bridges, and the rehabilitation of seven bridges. He worked closely with the superintendents and foremen monitoring crew productions, identifying problem areas, and acknowledging team successes. He produced detailed work packages addressing safety, quality, cost, schedule, and procurement and staging of material and equipment.


  • B.Sc., Construction Engineering Technology, University of Nebraska, Omaha, 2006