James White

James P. White

Vehicle Engineering

Mr. White is a vehicle safety engineer with over 30 years of experience including 25 years at a major automobile manufacturer. He has engineered automotive occupant restraint systems used in high-volume production vehicles and has conducted hundreds of crash tests with anthropomorphic test devices (ATDs). As part of his job responsibilities as an automotive engineer, he worked on various product development programs, performed forensic and field investigations related to occupant protection, analyzed product performance specifications, and directed accident specific test programs. Mr. White has evaluated the performance of occupant restraint systems in the field and has inspected hundreds of post-crash vehicles. He is knowledgeable regarding Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSSs) and automotive engineering specifications and has testified as an expert on issues related to seat belts, seats, airbags, child safety seats, and vehicle crashworthiness.

Mr. White has studied and understands occupant kinematics in frontal, side, rear and rollover crashes and the role that occupant restraint systems play in mitigating occupant injury. He has published peer-reviewed research in the field of seat belt restraint system performance. He has instructed field investigators, engineers, and attorneys on the basics of occupant protection and the historical evolution of occupant safety technology. Mr. White has demonstrated an exemplary ability to communicate complex technical subjects, such as engineering specifications and the significance of test data, in a simplified style to an audience with a broad spectrum of technical competencies.

Mr. White is an automotive enthusiast and enjoys high performance driving events, although his interests and expertise extend beyond just automobiles. He enjoys off-road vehicle adventures, and high-performance boating that included a stint as an offshore racing team crew chief.


  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Oakland University, 1999
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Wayne State University, 1987


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US Patent 6,145,880: Knee Bolster Assembly, November 2000 (White JP, Wang JJ)

US Patent 5,295,713: Seat Belt Tongue Assembly, March 1994 (McCune PH, White JP, Ball KR)

Prior Experience

General Motors, Warren, MI, 1994 – 2019

Senior Technical Expert, Occupant Restraints, 2001 – 2019

Senior Project Engineer, Occupant Restraints, 1994 - 2001

Professional Affiliations

Society of Automotive Engineers (member)

American Corporate Partners (mentor)

Sports Car Club of America (member)

Additional Information

Additional Education Training

Traffic Accident Reconstruction, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, 2001

Human Gross Anatomy Short Course, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, 2013

Peer Reviewer

Society of Automotive Engineers

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