Leszek Wojnarowicz

Leszek Wojnarowicz, CChem, CSci, MRSC

Senior Scientist
Chemical Regulation & Food Safety
Derby (UK)
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Mr. Wojnarowicz is a chemist specialising in analytical methods development and validation as well as physico-chemical testing. His experience has been gained over a 24 year period at large pharmaceutical companies and leading Contract Research Organizations.

Mr. Wojnarowicz has practical experience of physico-chemical testing techniques for pesticides, biocides, pharmaceuticals, and industrial chemicals, performed in accordance with GLP and established scientific guidelines (OECD, OPPTS). He also has significant experience of the development, validation, and transfer of analytical procedures, to meet the requirements of regulatory guidelines (e.g., SANCO/3030/99, ICH).


  • B.Sc., Applied Chemistry, Coventry University, UK, 1991

Prior Experience

QC Analyst (Methods Validation & Stability Team), Quality Department, Brunel Healthcare Manufacturing, 2015–2016

Analyst Technician, Physico-Chemical Properties Services Department, Harlan Laboratories, 2012–2015

Technical Specialist, Inhalation Development, Aesica Formulation Development (formerly R5 Pharmaceuticals), 2010–2012

Senior Scientist, Respiratory Development, Vectura, 2010

Senior Scientist, Medicines Development (Analytical Sciences), AstraZeneca, 2009–2010


  • Senior Scientist (Analyst), Industrial Development (Methods Team), 2006-2008
  • Team Leader/Senior Scientist (New Technology Team), 2005
  • Promotion to Senior Scientist, 2004

  • Analyst, Analytical Technology (DPI Technology/New Technology), 2003-2004
  • Team Coordinator (Clinical Trials Product Analysis & Release), 2002
  • Analyst, Analytical Development (DPI methods development), 1999-2002

Rhône-Poulenc Rorer
  • 1997-1999 Scientist, Devices & Packaging Department (secondment)
  • Analyst, Analytical Development (secondment)
  • Regulatory Dossier Compiler, Metered Dose Inhaler Team (secondment)
  • Manufacturing Supervisor, Clinical Manufacturing & Supplies Unit, (secondment)
  • Formulation Scientist, Dry Powder Inhaler Formulation Department

Fisons Pharmaceuticals (Loughborough, Leicestershire)
  • 1992-1997 Formulation Scientist (I/II), Dry Powder Inhaler Formulation Department
  • Promotion to Formulation Scientist (II) in 1995

Glaxo Group Research (Ware, Hertfordshire)
  • 1992 & Research Analyst (agency assignment)
  • 1989-1990 Assistant Research Analyst, Inhalation Analysis Department

Professional Affiliations

Chartered Chemist

Chartered Scientist

Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Project Experience

Supervised physico-chemical studies to comply with GLP and established scientific guidelines.

Performed development and validation of analytical procedures in accordance with ICH, SANCO/825/00, SANCO/3029/99, SANCO/3030/99 and other established guidelines.

Compiled scientific reports to established scientific and regulatory guidelines.


  • B.Sc., Applied Chemistry, Coventry University, UK, 1991