Exponent assists chemical manufacturers, distributors and retailers in dealing with issues that affect their ability to do business effectively.  We are well recognized for our work on issues that impact the chemical industry from the environmental, health, manufacturing, distribution, and other areas. Our staff works proactively with clients on risk mitigation and accident avoidance as well as with the technical aspects of business challenges such as expansion of existing and new product lines into new markets.  Additionally, we continue to work reactively when releases, explosions, accidents or failures occur in the chemical product lifecycle.  

Clients rely on us for incisive and objective assessments that address physical, chemical, and biological phenomena in order to arrive at solutions that can be used to make important decisions. Exponent consultants work with the chemical industry throughout the entire product life cycle from putting shovels in the ground to build a plant through distribution in the stream of commerce.  Our construction and environmental teams work with clients during new construction or retrofitting of existing facilities as well as due diligence on properties they purchase or divest.  Engineers and scientists provide consulting services related to process and product development reviews. Regulatory specialists in the US and the UK assist clients navigate the complex regulatory approval cycle.  Process safety engineers assist manufacturers to prevent potential upsets.  We work with clients to develop risk assessment methodologies to address the complexities of exposure issues to workers and the community and address questions related to air, water or soil contamination that might be attributed to chemical facilities.

Exponent complements this strong and diverse depth of scientific experience with its considerable knowledge base regarding current government and international standard-setting organizations’ activities regarding risk assessment, mathematical modeling, and exposure limits.

For more information on the services we provide to the Chemical Industry, please see our Practices and Industries page.


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