Electronics, Security & Information Technology

Sophisticated electronics and ever changing technology are driving the information, security and high-tech industry.  Cybersecurity, data analytics and risk are increasingly important to consumers as well as the companies that provide these electronic products whether they be used in the home, the office, on the road or in the air.

Exponent scientists and engineers have significant experience and expertise to support high-tech product development, manufacturing, distribution and performance issues.  We provide clients with detailed investigations of complex problems, to develop independent findings grounded in scientific and engineering principles.  We have used our capabilities to assist clients in a variety of projects spanning product design validation, safety reviews, cybersecurity risk analysis, vendor selection, testing strategy, ongoing reliability and quality screening, product launch support, health and environmental regulatory support, litigation consulting (e.g., intellectual property, product liability, anti-trust), product compliance analysis, returns/recalls, failure analysis, and technology due diligence.

Exponent is a recognized leader in the testing and evaluation of technology and products used for identification, identity management, and security. We provide a wide range of services to improve the capability and reliability of identification devices, smartcards, equipment, and processes. We offer testing, design analysis, reliability studies, performance assessment, failure analysis, and engineering support. Our multidisciplinary team has the capabilities needed to serve industries such as airlines, banking, gaming, government, health care, hotels, retail, travel and entertainment, and vending.

For more information on the services we provide in the areas of Electronics, Security and Information Technology, please see our Practices and Industries page.


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