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Exponent provides consulting support to producers, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, food service, trade associations, insurers and attorneys on issues that involve bringing food and beverage ingredients and products from farm-to-table.

From EPA/FDA/USDA regulatory support for raw agricultural commodities, new foods, ingredients, seeds or pesticides, to manufacturing operations or waste water issues at facilities, our engineering, environmental, public health, food scientists, nutritionists, and regulatory specialists have significant experience working with clients to help develop, produce, and protect quality and abundant products.  Our engineers provide design, performance and safety evaluations of food processing and agricultural equipment, manufacturing controls and operations, packaging, storage facilities and modes of transportation.  We also assist with food safety elements product development, design and development of on-product warnings and labels, including safety or health product claims review, to help our clients ensure that their products comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Exponent's staff provides clients with regulatory strategy and safety evaluations for food and beverage additives, GRAS substances, new dietary ingredients, food contact substances, pesticides and contaminants.  We evaluate and prepare the scientific support for claims, including health, nutrient content, and structure/function claims. Our regulatory and food safety experts conduct in-plant evaluations for food hazard identification, Good Manufacturing Practice compliance and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point adequacy.  In addition, we review process and quality systems documentation, validate preventive control technologies, review Food Safety Modernization Act preparedness, and develop process models to verify product safety. We advise clients on the science to support public comments on regulatory policy changes.  Our consultants are internationally recognized as leaders in the development of analytical methods and tools for risk analysis and dietary intake assessment.  Exponent’ senior members have gained national and international reputations advising government agencies, non-governmental organizations including FAO, WHO and the World Bank, trade associations, and multinational companies.

Our professionals are well known for helping clients to successfully manage non-routine, complex, and highly visible crisis situations. Our former FDA regulators, scientists, and medical experts help respond to regulatory inspections, investigations, and warning letters, perform health hazard evaluations on microbial, chemical, and physical hazards, conduct or review outbreak investigations, assist on recall decision making and management.   We perform root cause analyses and advise on the reformulation of products and re-validation of processes.  We assist in post incident insurance claims and litigation.  In addition to product recall, Proposition 65 or other regulatory actions, we provide accident and injury evaluations when a failure or accident occurs at a facility or during transport.   We provide our clients with convincing science, and we communicate that science effectively to diverse target audiences.

For more information on the services we provide to the Food & Beverage Industry, please see our Practices and Industries page.


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