Pipelines and process piping are the safest means of transporting gases and fluids across countries or across manufacturing facilities. However, given the extensive network of pipelines and piping, failures do occur, which can be quite spectacular and lead to extensive property damage and loss of life. Given their potential impact, it is important to investigate the cause(s) of such failures, which often involve input from many different engineering and scientific disciplines. As such, Exponent, with its broad range of skill sets, is uniquely positioned to investigate such failures, and has done so on more than 1,200 pipeline failures, ranging from quarter-inch process tubing to 20-ft-diameter concrete water distribution pipelines.

Equally important, of course, is the prevention of pipeline and piping failures. Exponent assists major pipeline operators all over the world in performing pipeline integrity assessments and risk assessments to quantify safety and environmental risks and to define cost-effective methods to reduce these risks. Our scientists and engineers provide in-depth technical knowledge that has enabled us to make significant contributions to clients during the design, layout, and construction of pipelines and piping systems, and in the development and implementation of integrity and risk management programs. Exponent staff has brought their expertise to bear on preventive projects ranging in scope from reviewing the design and construction of the process piping at petrochemical plants to overall integrity reviews of long-distance oil and gas transmission pipeline systems. Exponent assists clients in minimizing health and safety risks, business interruption, and bottom-line financial losses due to accidents and system failure.

Additionally, Exponent offers change management services to help clients improve business-unit performance and productivity through application of proven organization and process assessment, development, and implementation techniques. Our technical consultants have extensive experience developing and implementing quality management systems across many industries. We have successfully developed quality programs in compliance with various industry standards and regulations. Exponent has worked closely with clients to respond rapidly to corrective action requests issued by regulatory agencies, including the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA).

Clients that have used Exponent’s pipeline and process piping expertise include Fortune 500 manufacturing and petrochemical companies, utilities, pipeline companies, insurers, and capital project lending organizations.

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