Medical Record Review & Assessment

Exponent’s nurse consultants use their extensive, specialized clinical knowledge and consulting experience to assist in evaluating cases and projects that require comprehensive assessment (or screening) of health-care information. Working world-wide with both internal and external clients, the nurses interpret and analyze documentation for accident or biomechanical investigations, and medical product, pharmaceutical, or toxic exposure–related concerns. Our nurses create custom-made reports and collaborate with many experts to ensure comprehensive, timely, and cost-efficient analyses.

The following describes some of our most requested nurse consulting services.

Key Roles

  • Post-incident review, analysis, and summary of medical/nursing/first-responder documentation to assist the engineer in accurately determining the sequence of physical forces, processes, or events that produced clinical evidence of injury and/or resultant clinical problems
  • Interpret medical data—jargon, abbreviations, and protocols
  • Review and outline pre-incident medical records for previous injuries, illnesses, or other predisposition for injury
  • Preparation of detailed, exhibit-ready injury diagrams to depict site(s) of injury, type of injury, size and shape of injuries, and any discolorations or remarkable features
  • Injury scoring
  • Notations and recommendations regarding missing documentation, omissions, errors, and suspected altered or tampering of medical records
  • Observations regarding supporting or conflicting statements surrounding the event and its occurrence
  • Literature searches for relevant, authoritative medical literature, guidelines, and pertinent research data

Information Reviews and Analysis

  • Research and integrate authoritative health-care literature, guidelines, standards of care, and regulations as related to details of pertinent medical procedures, illnesses, and injuries 
  • Evaluate complex cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice, and product liability for root cause(s), precipitating factors, and residual effects 
  • Prepare custom-made work products, as well as standard summaries and chronologies, injury lists, and diagrams 
  • Provide notations and recommendations regarding missing documentation, omissions, errors, and suspected altered or tampering of medical records 
  • Identify types of subject matter experts needed, as well as expert location