Premises Liability

Exponent’s biomechanical engineers and scientists investigate a variety of premises liability claims to evaluate injury potential during events such as slips, trips, and falls; objects falling and striking an individual; and occupational injury. Our biomechanical staff has extensive experience in investigating premises liability claims in a variety of environments (e.g., work places, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, public places, and residential areas). Exponent’s multidisciplinary evaluation enables a comprehensive evaluation of the incident and provides seamless and effective presentation of data and analytical findings.


Our consultants evaluate incident kinematics and mechanical loading of the human body to assess whether the injury mechanisms for documented pathologies are consistent with a described incident scenario. Exponent’s evaluations often consist of review of medical records and medical imaging, premises scene inspection, slip-resistance testing, and surrogate evaluations. Exponent’s engineers and scientists assess the effects of the external environment and of intrinsic internal factors on normal cognition, perception, neuromechanics, and response for hazard mitigation. 

Our capabilities include three-dimensional laser scanning, three-dimensional incident scene digital model development based on scanned data or documented measurements, and full-scale testing to determine the specific loading and injury risk to an individual as a result of a claimed event.

Evaluations of premises liability claims can benefit from scientific investigations that relate limitations and capabilities of human beings to the way in which they interact with their environment. Exponent’s Human Factors scientists examine human capabilities and limitations as they are affected by both external and internal influences, such as: lighting, signage, attention, previous knowledge and experience, and medication or other drug use, among others.  Additionally, the potential and/or likely impact of warnings information, safety communications, and training on human behavior as well as incident and/or injury reduction are frequent topics of inquiry and active areas of our staff’s ongoing research.

Exponent is unique in our breadth and depth of scientific and engineering expertise, as well as our ability to collaborate seamlessly across multiple disciplines. Teamwork, support, and collaboration within and between practices enhance our investigations, analyses, and ability to communicate our findings. 


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