Manufacturing Process Control / Quality Assurance

Modern manufacturing faces challenges resulting from:

  • Widespread globalization of operations and supply chains
  • The persistent need to bring new concepts to market at an ever faster pace
  • Increasing customer expectations for superior quality
  • Pressure to deliver products in the most cost effective manner possible.

Exponent engineers and scientists can help a manufacturing organization identify proactive actions to overcome these demands and can apply rigorous scientific methods to solve stubborn problems.

We provide the following capabilities to assist clients with the challenges they may face:

  • Root Cause Analysis and Manufacturing Troubleshooting 
  • Process or Product Improvement
  • Design Quality
  • Sampling or Test Plan Development
  • Quality System Assessment
  • Manufacturing Data Analysis
  • Product or Process Quality Dispute Support

Continuing effective manufacturing operations rely on a deep understanding of processes and products that is translated into long-term solutions—not just short-term fixes. Exponent specialists use data-driven approaches based on sound scientific principles. We do not promote pre-packaged tools or try to force-fit all manufacturing problems into a single solution methodology. Tools, techniques, and isolated improvement events may drive down cost in the short term but are not likely to have lasting impact unless applied as part of an overall approach to improve processes and reduce systemic risk.



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