Manufacturing Data Analysis

Advances in computing technology and the consequent abilities to create, store, and access increasingly larger volumes of data in modern business and science have created new opportunities and challenges. Data mining refers to the application of visual and statistical methods to turn seemingly disparate data streams into potentially useful information.

Foundational principles for analyzing large quantities of manufacturing data include:

  • Visualization:
    • Insight is accelerated through data visualization
    • Graphical analyses of multi-dimensional data is very powerful
  • Data Mining:
    • Discovering previously unknown patterns and correlations
    • Reliability improvement and elimination of failure modes
  • Variability Reduction:
    • Understanding causal relationships will lead to greater consistency
    • Improved product consistency delights customers

Exponent specialists can assist an organization in making these principles operational. Methods and tools we can apply include:

  • Graphical Tools
  • Dimensionality Reduction
  • Classification, Regression, and Clustering Analyses
  • Statistical Methods.