Product Quality/Manufacturing Process Dispute Support

Product liability actions are often based on the claim that some kind of harm is a result of product defects or process failures. Questions that often need to be understood and addressed include:

  • Definition of Failure
    • Can the properties of the product or process in question accurately be described as a defect or failure
    • Are such characteristics normal and expected?

  • Severity
    • How many injuries, fatalities, fires, etc.?
    • What is the extent of the harm, damages, or injuries?

  • Exposure
    • How many products, users, participants, etc. are involved?
    • What is the total time in use, intensity of use, numbers of cycles of use, etc.

  • Risk
    • How should severity and exposure be measured and evaluated to make quantitative estimates of risk?

  • Causal Relationship
    • Is the alleged defect the cause of the harm?

Exponent specialists can help parties and their representatives engaged in disputes by collecting data and performing analyses to answer these questions. Methods we may employ include:

  • Data mining from public, government, and client sources
  • Failure frequency and rate analysis
  • Reliability analysis
  • Exposure definition
  • Risk analysis (absolute and comparative)
  • Root cause analysis.


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