Corrective Action Programs

Company programs based on reducing non-conformances and errors are valuable tools for defining lessons learned and for providing continuous performance improvement. Also, sound corrective action programs provide a vehicle for effective management action to improve overall performance. Exponent has assisted its clients in various industries in defining, establishing, and supporting corrective action programs. 

Exponent has received international recognition for unparalleled success in providing multi-disciplinary expertise and rapid response to assist utility clients with their most important challenges, oftentimes in extremely short time frames. Our technical services include proven experience in all aspects of engineering, environmental science, health and safety, and business processes. We provide our clients with a team of experts with the following skills and experience: 

  • Proven experience in the solution of high-profile problems 
  • Ability to integrate technical and business disciplines in the solution of complex problems. 
  • In-depth knowledge of the electric power industry 
  • Proven business process and quality assurance experience

Our staff has worked with clients to provide the following services: 

Development of Corrective Action Programs

  • Error or non-conformance identification and reporting processes 
  • Decision making guidelines for performing root cause analysis 
  • Root cause analysis methodologies 
  • Corrective action definition and monitoring processes 

Implementation of Corrective Action Programs

  • Trending and evaluation of errors and non-conformances 
  • Performance of root cause analyses 
  • Definition of corrective actions 
  • General problem solving


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