Nuclear Plant Services

Exponent offers unparalleled multi-disciplinary expertise and rapid response capabilities to provide stewardship in addressing complex engineering and scientific problems. We provide our clients with a team of engineering, construction, environmental, risk, and health specialists that is unique in the industry. The value that Exponent brings to its nuclear power generation clients includes:

  • Proven experience on high-profile projects of national and international significance—often in a dispute resolution setting 
  • Deep, functional knowledge of engineering fundamentals: mechanical, structural, metallurgical, chemical, electrical, and more 
  • Nuclear power generation operational knowledge 
  • Scientific depth in environmental and health perspectives 
  • Convergence of our skills in risk, reliability, and vulnerability analyses

Exponent entered the nuclear power consulting business in 1974, when the firm, then known as Failure Analysis Associates, was selected to provide technical support to the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in the areas of structural integrity, materials behavior, and life prediction. Since then, we have entered into commercial services, instrument manufacturing, and sales of computer software in direct support of electric utilities and original equipment manufacturers. Our staff has provided expert testimony for a wide range of industrial and governmental clients. We continue to rank among one of the largest consulting firms in the number of plant component remaining-life assessments and failure investigations conducted, as well as in the volume of sponsored research and development contracts awarded. In addition, we have invested our own funds in developing advanced services and equipment for power-plant maintenance, asset management, and failure prevention.

Exponent’s project experience includes nuclear component reliability and remaining-life assessments for reactor pressure vessels, steam generators, and primary piping. In addition, Exponent has evaluated hundreds of equipment failures for the nuclear power generation industry, spanning a wide range of component types, including steam generators, reactor pressure vessels, reactor coolant pumps and pump seals, diesel generators, valves, piping, electric generators, and turbines. With conversion, upgrade, development, and commercialization projects around the world, Exponent is reputed for creating innovative approaches to new electric power-plant configuration and maintenance management of existing plant equipment and systems. By combining the methods of component and plant condition assessment with reliability analysis and economic optimization, we help utilities reduce costs and increase productivity. In addition to plant mechanical integrity-related services, Exponent personnel have experience in various aspects of power system design, control, operation, and maintenance. Our experience includes development of procedures for outage/maintenance management, design for reliability, reliability-centered maintenance for high-voltage substations, on- and off-line diagnostics for transformers and breakers, control and protection systems, plant O&M training, and failure analyses.

Exponent’s engineering services address the utility industry’s needs for design, construction, repair, and retrofit, with a focus on:

  • Business improvement consulting  
  • Licensing and regulatory compliance 
  • Human performance 
  • Risk and reliability assessment 
  • Safety and process risk management 
  • Reliability and maintenance programs 
  • Root cause and corrective action assessment 
  • Engineering (equipment and systems) 
  • Remaining-life assessment 
  • Thermal sciences (fires and explosions) 
  • Material deterioration (metal, concrete) 
  • Pipe/boiler integrity 
  • Corrosion science and engineering 
  • Construction consulting 
  • Structural performance 
  • Environmental consulting 
  • Health and safety 
  • Spent-fuel storage and transportation

Nuclear utility work has required stringent quality assurance requirements. Exponent is ISO 9001 certified and conducts work in strict accordance with a quality control program that meets 10 CFR 50, Appendix B.