Gas Processing & Monetization

Project technical advisory services for onshore facilities or floating systems are a hallmark of Exponent’s expertise in the field of gas processing. Whether a client’s project involves upgrading sub-quality natural gas to meet pipeline gas quality specifications, or extraction of natural gas liquids (NGL) fractions to recover marketable liquid products or meet hydrocarbon dewpoint limits, Exponent has the knowledge required by our clients.

Our consultants have experience in the engineering, operation, and troubleshooting of gas compression, conditioning, and processing facilities, including amine acid gas treating units, cryogenic and non-cryogenic NGL extraction, fractionation plants, and associated unit operations such as gas dehydration, butane isomerization, and sulfur recovery.
Stranded gas is a concern to many exploration and production (E&P) companies that explored internationally for oil and discovered natural gas instead. We can identify the alternatives for operators and their partners for monetization of stranded gas reserves, including pipelines, power generation, and gas-to-liquids (GTL) strategies. Among the GTL options that we can evaluate for clients are cryogenic liquefaction for LNG transport to market, methanol synthesis, ammonia production, and Fischer-Tropsch (FT) synthesis. 

Exponent provides techno-economic analyses of these stranded gas monetization options and, in addition, of gas flaring reduction projects that lead to decreased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Our engineers perform design reviews for pipelines that transport natural gas or NGL. Exponent consultants have experience with enhanced oil recovery (EOR) operations involving CO2 and nitrogen injection, and have analyzed the market demand for nitrogen for EOR in existing oil fields. 

We also have audited natural gas contracts for producers and end users, to confirm compliance with contract provisions, and have monitored pipeline facilities such as pressure-control stations and gas measurement facilities for proper maintenance, testing, and calibration. 



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