Design Reviews

Manufacturers of consumer products, ranging from handheld electronics to electric vehicles, are rapidly incorporating more complex electronic systems into their designs. While electronic technology enables the creation of more exciting and sophisticated devices, it may also present a set of potential hazards to the consumer including shock, burn, fire or other bodily harm. Exponent specializes in conducting comprehensive design reviews and associated testing for safety assessment at all stages of the product development cycle.

Our in-depth analyses include the following evaluations:

  • Protection circuitry for battery operation, including lithium-ion technology
  • Component selection to ensure proper ratings
  • Wire routing and device construction
  • System response to improper usage

Some of our experience includes safety design reviews for the following applications:

  • Small household appliances
  • Power adapters
  • Electric vehicles  
  • Children’s interactive toys
  • Electronic games
  • Handheld electronic devices
  • Wireless communication technologies
  • Medical devices