Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence

As an independent third party, Exponent is involved in reviewing and assessing the technical aspects of an entity’s portfolio such that proprietary information can be safeguarded during negotiation. Our technical expertise and assurances enable parties to make informed decisions on electronic and electrical products including medical, semiconductor, battery, power, and software products.

For example, Exponent performed a complete due diligence evaluation of the business position of a power quality storage manufacturer in an investment dispute case. The evaluation included the product mix offered by the subject company and a comparison of the firm’s product offerings with what was already available in the market place. The company’s competitive position in regards to cost of production, manufacturing technologies and distribution channels were also assessed. In addition, the ability of the company to protect its business position through its intellectual property was reviewed.

Exponent has also performed due diligence investigations on medical device companies that were potential acquisition targets. Exponent’s role included the evaluation of the clinical performance of the target company’s products, based on various public sources, such as scientific literature, product surveillance databases, and registry data. Exponent also evaluated the historical and existing litigation landscape for the target company’s products, as well as the existence of previous and ongoing Federal investigations (e.g. SEC, DOJ) of the target company. Exponent also provided technical consulting in terms of portfolio assessment from a technical standpoint and risk management.