Data Analytics

Today’s world operates on a data-driven economy. At the heart of nearly all economic activity is the ability to observe, collect, and process enormous amounts of data; the better the ability to store and process data, the greater the competitive edge. Therefore, it is no surprise that technologies and personnel who understand data and its organization are highly valuable.

At Exponent, our engineers and scientists have vast experience in the storage, organization, and analysis of data. We have designed, implemented, and analyzed databases and data warehouse implementations for numerous organizations. These databases have ranged from small boutique databases to massive, geographically distributed stores of data across data centers. Moreover, we have designed novel algorithms and developed custom software to analyze enormous quantities of data in real-time.

Exponent professionals’ database and analysis skills have been employed in many specialized applications, including the following: 

  • Commercial transaction processing databases
  • Statistical analysis of product changes during product life cycles
  • User-specific product performance assessment using cluster analysis
  • Anomaly detection based on massive quantities of ground-penetrating-radar data
  • Data warehouse applications for business intelligence, financial transactions, and many others.

Our consultants are familiar with relational, hierarchical, and object-oriented databases, and other unstructured models for organizing data. We have extensive experience in a number of commercial database technologies, such as SQL programming, MySQL, Oracle servers, Microsoft SQL servers, no-SQL technologies, and others. Our staff also has experience with Map Reduce framework- and Hadoop-related technologies for processing massive quantities of data. We also have expertise with predictive modeling, statistical techniques, Bayesian reasoning, stochastic inversion, and machine learning concepts for data analytics and business intelligence.

Exponent offers the following services related to databases, data analytics, and business intelligence:

  • Algorithm and software development 
  • Design and implementation of specialized data analytics and business intelligence systems to solve complex business and engineering problems
  • Database design and implementation
  • Design and development
  • Verification and validation
  • Intellectual property and technology analysis for licensing and due diligence
  • Litigation support involving source code and software analysis
  • Expert witness testimony related to patent infringement, copyright infringement, and trade secret misappropriation.



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