Materials & Packaging

Exponent has far reaching expertise in materials and packaging ranging from small electronic components to large power systems. At the microelectronics scale, we offer extensive knowledge relating to semiconductor materials used in integrated circuits, circuit packaging, and printed circuit boards. On a larger scale, our team has worked on issues pertaining to power electronics systems, including dielectric materials used to insulate and prevent arcing, electric shock, electrocution, or fire, as well as batteries and energy storage. We also have materials expertise related to electrical machinery such as electric generators and motors, where electrical and magnetic characteristics must work together harmoniously to ensure proper machine function.

Our consultants assist with materials and packaging choices and identify and test for failure modes using techniques such as thermal stress analysis, accelerated lifetime testing, and mechanical and electrical breakdown characterization.  Exponent performs materials composition analysis, e.g. to identify flame retardants, and help identify more complex effects stemming from the interaction between various packaging components.

A list of services Exponent offers related to electrical materials and packaging includes:



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