Mobile Devices & Wearables

Mobile technologies refer to products focused on mobile phones, handheld devices, tablets, as well as wearable devices. With the rapid development and deployment of mobile technologies, there is an increasing need for better performance from ever-shrinking devices, while at the same time requiring a higher safety margin and more stringent standards for compliance due to direct interaction with humans.

Exponent has extensive expertise in the design, development, and analysis of technologies related to wearable devices and mobile devices. Additionally, our consultants have experience in many aspects of mobile systems, including hardware, software, and mobile-oriented protocols. We are familiar with the following:

  • Displays, Screen, Touchscreen technologies
  • Interconnects
  • Printed circuit boards
  • Electrical components
  • Battery systems
  • Biometric sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Haptic and Tactile feedback components
  • Heat and power system management

Exponent’s broad-based expertise and our consultants’ in-depth knowledge provide clients the ability to design, evaluate, and implement effective design, testing, qualification, deployment solutions and sustaining strategies. We offer the following services related to mobile devices and wearable devices:

  • Product idea proof of concept
  • Prototype design and development
  • Verification and validation
  • Reliability testing and quality assessment
  • Manufacturing Audits
  • Physical analysis of components
  • Biocompatibility issues
  • Standard compliance
  • RF exposure assessment
  • Intellectual property and technology analysis for licensing and due diligence
  • User studies

Furthermore, we have developed novel testing programs specifically tailored to wearable devices in assessing worst case evaluations on human safety and health. This involves electromagnetic wave (inductive charging, DC magnet, Bluetooth or WiFi, etc) interference and exposure analysis, as well as performance assessment of biometric and human interacting technologies with data-driven user studies. 



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