Optical Testing & Photonics

Exponent offers a wide range of optical testing services. These range from assessing potential optical radiation hazards and comparing emission intensity with maximum permissible exposure limits, to measuring beam profiles and evaluating alignment considerations, to full characterization of the intensity, angular distribution, and wavelength of light emitting devices.

Our characterization testing includes measurement of spectrum and intensity as a function of angle, assessment of exposure as a function of distance from an emitter, and evaluation of efficiency and heating considerations. Compliance testing of emission can be provided in accordance with a range of standards, such as OSRAM SFH 4762.

In addition, our consulting staff have extensive expertise and experience in the development and optimizing light emitting devices and optical components, from maximizing the quantum efficiency of optoelectronic emitters or detectors, to designing and aligning optical systems for a range of applications, to packaging and scaling optical devices. As such, our testing can be supported by detailed numerical simulation services, including ray tracing and finite element analysis of device emission.