Lasers & Light Emitting Diodes

Laser Diodes (LDs) and Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are semiconductor opto-electronic devices used in a wide variety of applications ranging from electrical devices and consumer electronics to medical devices to cutting edge research and industrial equipment. LDs and LEDs are often incorporated within application specific packaging that serves to house the control electronics, heat management systems, and associated optical components required to create a functioning product. Exponent has expertise in all levels of design and analysis of LD and LED systems and can provide services including:

  • Semiconductor diode design, characterization, and optimization 
  • Development of optical systems and control electronics
  • Assessment of device performance and safety assessments
  • Expert support for Intellectual Property matters

Exponent professionals are experts in opto-electronic devices, semiconductor physics, manufacturing processing technology, and optical systems, and can offer services to improve diode design and structure, such as:

  • First principle design and analysis of semiconductor devices
  • Numerical simulation of opto-electronic devices
  • Electrical and optical testing
  • Device characterization

The interdisciplinary team at Exponent has extensive experience in all aspects of optoelectronic device design and packaging, ranging from evaluation of optical systems to structural, mechanical, thermal and safety considerations. Exponent can provide services related to:

  • Ray tracing analysis
  • Multiphysics simulation of heat management and structural properties
  • Integration with digital and analog integrated circuits and electronics
  • Design of optical components
  • Photo-flicker

As experts in optics, electromagnetics, and radiation, Exponent can provide advice and assessment regarding safety considerations, including:

  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI) and exposure
  • Compliance with safety standards for nonionizing radiation
  • Photo-flicker

In addition Exponent professionals are well versed in supporting technical diligence and intellectual property matters, such as:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Recall consulting
  • Patent and TS litigation support
  • ITC and IPR litigation support



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