Sensor Systems

Behind labels like ‘smart products’ or ‘Internet of Things,’ are the dramatic advances in computing and communication technology over the last few decades that have allowed designers the unprecedented freedom to incorporate sensors into every level of a product or system.  Along with this explosion in data have been the accompanying advances in machine learning and other types of data exploitation algorithms to process and communicate this data in a meaningful way. Exponent has significant experience in the design and development of sensor systems, from detailed component-level evaluation of the sensors themselves, to the custom algorithms, to the specification and development of anything from the embedded to high performance computing processors needed to host those algorithms. Exponent’s expert staff matches deep engineering expertise at the domain level with a first-principles data analytics breadth. Exponent’s services include software implementations of advanced data, signal and image processing techniques as well as prototyping and/or evaluating the complete processing pipelines for your particular sensor data stream.

In the past Exponent has contributed to both commercial and military sensor system development based on a wide range of sensing technologies including:

  • MEMS-based inertial sensing
  • Optical imaging systems from visible to infrared
  • Optical depth-sensing systems (e.g. lidar and structured light)
  • Radar
  • Electromagnetic conduction and induction