Rapid Transit

Rail transportation is getting a lot of attention in North America. With the desire to have a cleaner environment, a lower carbon emission, a relief to the congested roads and highways, and conservation of energy, the utilization of established train systems is increasing and citizens are flocking to passenger rail in large numbers. This trend is requiring a safe and robust signaling system to operate light and medium rail systems safely while increasing its capacity to handle additional riders.

As railways become a more prevalent mode of transportation for goods and people, more infrastructures will be needed to handle this demand. This need for expansion requires condition assessment of such systems to quantify its capabilities and potential need to repair, modify, or expand.

Exponent's electrical and computer engineers provide services to the rail transit industry which involves analysis of electrical equipment, power systems, computer control or signaling performance. Our staff works with clients to analyze new and existing technologies which help make the system run more efficiently and safer for workers and passengers. In the event of product or system failure, Exponent's forensic engineering team provide rapid response and efficient investigative support services.


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