Battery System Design Review & Testing

The energy storage system should be evaluated as an integrated system. The interaction between the charge, discharge and safety protection sub-systems should be analyzed and tested for seamless operation. Exponent has significant experience in evaluating the energy storage systems of a large variety of battery powered products as well as UPS and hybrid systems including: 

  • Cell phones and accessories 
  • Audio and visual products 
  • Battery powered toys and educational products 
  • PDAs 
  • Notebook computers 
  • GPS systems 
  • Military systems 
  • Digital cameras 
  • Battery backup systems 
  • Hybrid vehicles 
  • Plug-in hybrid vehicles 
  • Electrical vehicles 
  • Telecommunication systems 
  • Energy storage systems, control systems and UPS’s for solar, hydro, and wind power systems

Power supplies are a part of all battery powered electronic products. The power supply is used for conversion of AC to DC, DC to AC, and DC to DC currents. Power supplies also are often integrated into the charger circuitry. Exponent has considerable design and failure analysis expertise in power supply architectures and system architectures. Exponent routinely conducts design reviews, evaluations, and performance testing, on chargers, and power adapters, and power supplies for a variety of customers ranging from cell phone and notebook computer manufacturers to the automotive industry.

Our services include:

  • Power adapter/charger circuitry review, inspection and analysis 
  • System integration and normal operation analysis 
  • Mechanical stress testing 
  • Charger/power supply construction reverse engineering 
  • Charger/power supply safety analysis 
  • Charger/power supply/battery pack communications analysis

Exponent routinely conducts testing to explore various aspects of lithium-ion battery safety including response to mechanical thermal and electrical abuse, cell thermal runaway propagation, and fire suppression. Some Exponent reports on this type of testing are available on the Portable Rechargeable Battery Association’s (PRBA) website:



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