Technology Development

Drawing on our multidisciplinary science, engineering, testing, failure analysis and failure prevention expertise, our consultants harness advanced technologies and concepts from our experience with the commercial and defense sectors to deliver innovation to our clients. We identify and leverage the best in off-the-shelf technologies combined with custom development to deliver solutions ranging from fully integrated systems to concept architectures. Our focus is on a close collaboration with the end user, ease of use, reliability, high quality, and speed of engineering design and execution. One particular strength in this area is Exponent’s ability to assist in the evaluation of a proposed solution, often working from the client’s early-stage concept to create a tangible prototype that the client can evaluate in the laboratory, in the boardroom, or in the field. 

Elements of our support in the area of Research and Technology Development include: broad market and independent scientific research and identification of off-the-shelf solutions; rapid prototyping; low-rate production of evaluation items; spiral development; testing, including testing in the intended operational environment; demonstration; evaluation against client requirements; and documentation supporting regulatory or intellectual property filings. Many of our staff participate are on U.S. and international regulatory standard committees and use knowledge gained from this effort to assist not only with documentation but also product or process development requirements. In-house test and development facilities allow Exponent to undertake any and all of these tasks quickly. Our clients often demand prototypes on accelerated schedules—sometimes within days—and our experience and access to tools and technologies allow us to consistently meet this need.

The breadth and depth of our highly degreed professionals is constantly being refreshed by recruits from the top universities around the world. This stream of talent allows us to maintain a deep and current knowledge base of leading technologies, cutting edge health, environmental and engineering research and novel testing techniques that we can bring to bear on our clients’ hardest challenges. Similarly, our strong ties and experience across a broad range of industries puts us in a unique position to assemble cross-domain teams and leverage our independent research and technologies proven in one domain and apply them to the client’s benefit in another. Where appropriate, our consultants publish research in peer-reviewed journals and present findings at national or international scientific venues.



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