Worker & Machine Safety Investigations

Exponent’s mechanical engineers have performed numerous investigations to evaluate the safety of equipment and work practices. Our equipment safety engagements have been focused on both accident investigation and proactive efforts to assist clients in developing safer products and systems. We have also conducted accident investigations involving a wide array of products and equipment, such as forklifts, pallet jacks, aerial lifts, conveyors, dump trucks, scaffolds, buses, food processing equipment, excavators, automatic doors, elevators, and escalators. In addition to reacting to safety or accident issues, we assist manufacturers in various industries (e.g., dairy, poultry, corrugated box, wood chipper) in implementing safeguarding techniques to minimize worker injuries.

Exponent also has provided assistance to a number of clients in the analysis and development of safe work practices in areas such as: welding, fall protection, use of storage racks in warehouses, pressurized testing, underground mines, and power generation.



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