Remote Laboratory Testing and Inspections

Exponent provides remote laboratory testing and inspection services for clients and participants who are unable to travel to our facilities. Our laboratory facilities are equipped with video cameras, video conferencing software, and secure streaming capabilities to allow participants to remotely observe and engage with laboratory and testing activities in real time. Computer-controlled laboratory equipment can interface with video conferencing software to allow for simultaneous, full-resolution observation of test data.

At our Phoenix based automotive testing and user research center, our multi-camera setups allow clients to view multiple video perspectives and interact with onsite test personnel. Exponent can also assist with inspections in remote locations with limited internet service by using our encrypted cellular-bonding video streaming capability. During the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated travel restrictions, these capabilities have enabled stakeholders to participate remotely as needed, and we have amassed considerable experience organizing multi-party laboratory inspections and testing with many remote participants.
Exponent performs tests on products as small as semiconductor chips and nanotechnology and as large as trucks, buses, and trains. We perform a wide array of compliance and standardized tests as well as custom, application-specific, real-world tests to analyze product performance in simulated end-use scenarios, including real-time and accelerated aging and many other conditions. All testing is conducted in accordance with the appropriate United States or international quality standards.

We perform specialized testing with remote participation in the following areas:

  • Battery/Energy Storage
  • Biomedical
  • Biomechanics
  • Combustible Dust
  • Electrical
  • Fire & Flammability
  • Chemical
  • Human Factors
  • Identity & Security
  • Materials Analysis
  • Mechanical
  • Surrogate & User Studies
  • Vehicle Testing


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