Wind Power

Exponent has been active in the wind power consulting business since the 1980s, when we were retained to investigate multiple engineering issues at a large wind farm in California. Since then, the firm has conducted engineering evaluations, failure analyses, and environmental, health, and materials risk assessments in direct support of utilities, wind energy developers, equipment manufacturers, transmission developers, and investors. We continue to rank among the largest consulting firms in the number of projects we have performed in the areas of energy generation, remaining-life assessments, and failure investigations.

How We Can Help

Exponent can provide scientific and engineering analysis and investigation support at any step in a wind power project, including project feasibility, site selection and evaluation, permitting and construction, long-term maintenance, monitoring and troubleshooting, repair assessment, and root-cause analysis when failures occur.

Exponent provides services in the following areas:

  • Rotor blade failure analysis
  • Rotor blade repair consultation
  • Rotor blade and tower structural analysis and structural integrity assessment
  • Material failure analysis of composites, metals and plastics
  • Rotor aerodynamics analysis
  • Analysis of mechanical subsystems and components, including generators,  bearings, brakes, rotating machinery, gear boxes, and hydraulics,
  • Electronics, controls, and instrumentation
  • Environmental, social, and public health impact and risk management capability, including EMF, acoustics, and aesthetics
  • Health and environmental issues in permitting, including expert testimony at wind farm permit hearings
  • Feasibility analyses, site selection (including geotechnical assessments), and wind resource assessment based on large-scale data harvesting and numerical modeling
  • Assessments of testing programs, failure analysis and prevention, and remaining-life assessments
  • Risk, reliability, and vulnerability analyses
  • Natural hazard risk assessment
  • Root cause and origin fire investigation


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Professional Affiliations

  • American Wind Energy Association
    • Wind Standards Committee Member
  • Underwriters Laboratories Standards Technical Panel (STP) for UL 6141, Wind Turbine Generating Systems – Large 
  • Underwriters Laboratories Standards Technical Panel (STP) for UL 6142, Wind Turbine Generating Systems – Small 
  • VGB Powertech Expert group: “Onshore wind energy“


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