Construction, Industrial & Agricultural Vehicles

Operations such as agriculture, construction, mining, and warehousing can have an inherent amount of risk associated with their work environments. Machines that are regularly used in these environments may be involved in accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities. Exponent has experience investigating accidents involving vehicles ranging from haul trucks used in large-scale mining operations to turf care vehicles utilized at hobby-farms.

When an accident does occur, Exponent’s wide range of disciplines and capabilities can be applied to analyze how and why the accident occurred, as well as to establish the mechanism of injury. This wide-ranging experience has also been applied proactively in risk-related design evaluations of existing and proposed equipment. The analytical procedure adopted in these studies utilizes established scientific principles and draws upon the knowledge developed by Exponent’s consultants of the auxiliary equipment and operational environments associated with the different classes of vehicles.

A reconstruction or failure analysis may require data or testing that can be measured and analyzed by engineers at Exponent’s Test and Engineering Center (TEC) in Phoenix, Arizona.  The TEC can measure vehicle properties (e.g., center of gravity height) or component stresses for a range of operational or loading conditions.  We can also accommodate full scale instrumented testing to investigate crash dynamics, vehicle handling and stability, as well as occupant kinematics, injury mechanisms and occupant protection issues. Unique operational environments (i.e., slopes and terrain contours) can also be constructed at TEC if required as part of an accident analysis.


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