Motorcycles & Bicycles

When it comes to motorcycle and bicycle-related research, full scale crash tests, or an in depth knowledge of accident reconstruction, Exponent’s scientists and engineers are among the industry leaders.  Our research programs at the Test and Engineering Center (TEC) in Phoenix, Arizona are used to continually expand Exponent’s core knowledge in the areas of crash dynamics, the interpretation of impact and post-impact damage, and rider kinematics that are utilized in accident reconstruction. Motorcycle and bicycle crash tests are also conducted at TEC to test case-specific reconstructions as well as providing a validation of simulation packages to reconstruct impact speeds and orientations in motorcycle-to-automobile accidents.  Component tests are conducted to study the failure of a single part or assembly as it relates to an accident.

Examples of published research on this topic can be found here.

Exponent’s wide array of expertise, ranging from motorcycle and bicycle accident reconstruction, handling, and crash testing to biomechanical analysis for consideration of rider injury, give Exponent the unique capacity to fully understand and analyze related issues.